Symptoms of Chronic appendicitis and Treatment

Appendicitis or appendicitis is divided into two types, namely acute appendicitis and chronic appendicitis. Chronic appendicitis lasts a long time, can occur in a matter of weeks to years. Chronic appendicitis occurs when the appendix is blocked by feces, foreign bodies, cancer, or even by swelling of the appendix due to infection. The exact cause of chronic appendicitis is still being debated. Several studies have linked this condition to the recurring inflammation or blockage of recurrent appendicitis in a long time. But there are also those who claim that chronic appendicitis is caused by problems with appendicitis. Unlike acute appendicitis, chronic appendicitis sometimes has milder symptoms that make it difficult to detect and ultimately not handled properly. Therefore it is important to recognize the symptoms so they can be more alert. Chronic appendicitis that is left alone can be a serious health problem. Symptoms of Chronic appendicitis Most appendicitis suffer from acut
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